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Looking for a Way to Connect with Your Kids? A Hot Tub May Be Your Answer

Wave goodbye to the lazy days of summer. The kids are back in school, routines are in full force, and homework and extracurriculars can dominate the evenings. You’ve loved being with your kids the past few months. Is there a way to keep connected throughout the school year? A hot tub may be your answer! [...]

2019-09-18T21:20:16+00:00September 18th, 2019|

Do Hot Tubs Increase Home Values?

As homeowners, it’s important to continually build your greatest investment: your home. Updates and renovations can boost the overall value of your home. Areas of focus that pay you back in big dividends include your kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and landscaping. Another area is amenities added to your backyard. But do hot tubs increase home values? [...]

2019-09-09T17:45:09+00:00September 9th, 2019|

Is It Okay to Let My Dog Use Our Hot Tub?

You’ve been best friends for a long time. He greets you every morning with a kiss, meets you at the door when you get home from work, and takes a leisurely stroll through the park with you every Sunday. Whoever thought your soul mate would come in a fluffy, puppy package! It’s been a wonderful [...]

2019-09-04T17:43:55+00:00September 2nd, 2019|

4 Essential Hot Tub Date Night Secrets

When you are looking to take date night to the next level, look no further than your beautiful backyard. The comfort of your hot tub, the love of your life, and the perfect peace of home combine—making your date nights together what dreams are made of. Here are 4 essential date night secrets for the [...]

2019-08-10T20:54:40+00:00August 12th, 2019|

What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub?

Buying a hot tub is one of the most exciting investments that you can make. We know you are looking forward to the myriad of ways that your hot tub can be used. Whether you are looking for a recreational retreat for your whole family, or a quiet place to relieve pain and rest your [...]

2019-07-04T02:07:25+00:00August 5th, 2019|

4 Tips for Getting Your Backyard Hot for Summer!

Oh, the glorious days of summer! Sipping lemonade, catching lightning bugs, and gathering with friends and family are the joys that summer days and nights are made of. But where can you find the perfect location for the best in summertime enjoyment? Your backyard, of course! Here are four tips for getting your backyard hot [...]

2019-07-04T02:13:02+00:00July 29th, 2019|

Water Treadmill for Pet Therapy

For centuries, civilizations across the world have participated in the outstanding benefits of warm water therapy. But now, hydrotherapy has even made it to the front page of animal medical care. You can help your pet recover well with new aquatic pet therapy. Meet Veterinarian Tara Hudye from Lakewood Animal Hospital in Regina, Canada. She [...]

2019-07-04T02:15:16+00:00July 22nd, 2019|