Do I Have to Have a Fence Around My Hot Tub?

You are dreaming of those long winter evenings where the sun dips down early under the wide Texas sky and the nights cool to blissful, muted temperatures. There’s no better time of year to enjoy an exceptional, relaxing hot tub experience. You may be currently researching different hot tub brands and models. But there is [...]

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Keep Blowing Your New Year’s Resolutions? A Hot Tub May be Your Answer!

Each year millions of Americans evaluate the year they’ve lived through and make resolutions for the coming New Year. Maybe you want to connect more deeply with the ones you love. Or maybe, some fitness and weight loss goals after all of the holiday food top the list. Whatever resolutions you have for this year, [...]

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Should You Cold-Shock After Using a Sauna?

For centuries, people have enjoyed the health benefits of sauna use. From increased workout recovery to heightened cardiovascular and cognitive functions, the benefits of sauna use are medically documented. But a new version of after-sauna use has come on the health scene: the use of heat therapy immediately followed by cold-shock therapy. So, what’s all [...]

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The Basic Anatomy of a Hot Tub

Everyone loves the soothing action of an exceptional hot tub. Whether at home or on vacation, there is just something incredible about relaxing in warm, bubbly water. The hydromassage eases aches and pains, the warm water loosens stiff joints, and the secluded peace and quiet put your mind at rest. But how exactly does a [...]

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What Ailments is a Hot Tub Good For?

The absolute luxury of a quality hot tub cannot be taken for granted. Beautiful, soothing hydrotherapy brings the best in natural healing to the human body. From stunning jets to ergonomically correct seating, your spa is an incredible place to find restoration from the onslaught of life. But what ailments is a hot tub good [...]

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Your Guide to G-Rated Hot Tub Games

With cooler temperatures rolling in, there’s no better time to enjoy some exciting hot tub fun. As always, Coleman has the brightest ideas for your home and recreation, including these family-safe hot tub games! Family and Friends that Play Together Stay Together There’s nothing better than building relationships with the ones you love. Whether your [...]

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Hot Tub Sale – This Weekend!

  Don't miss the #BlackFriday savings at Coleman Backyards! Buy a hot tub on November 29th or 30th and receive a Free Freshwater Salt System AND a Free Bluetooth wireless music system! Limited quantities are available! Shop early for the best selection! This offer is valid at all three Coleman locations: Grapevine, Fort Worth, and [...]

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What is Hydrotherapy and How Can it Help?

In our constant quest for the latest and greatest options for health and wellness, sometimes we miss out on simplicity. What about the age-old treatments that have stood the test of time? One such treatment is hot tub hydrotherapy. However, what is hydrotherapy and how can it help? What is Hydrotherapy? Beautifully soothing hydrotherapy is [...]

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