It’s Still Not Too Late to Meet Your 2020 Fitness Goals

When New Year’s rolled around you just knew that THIS was going to be your year. It was going to be a year of health, fitness, and all things wellness. And then, quicker than a wink, all those plans were derailed — taking all of your dreams and fitness goals barreling off the tracks in the [...]

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3 Swim Spa Exercises for the Complete Novice

Aesthetically stunning and technologically advanced, swim spas are one of the most amazing amenities for hydrotherapy, recreation, and relaxation. But that’s not all they’re good for! A swim spa is also your own personal, private, and fully-customizable spot for the best in aquatic fitness. Athletes around the globe have embraced the outstanding workout opportunities that [...]

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How a Custom-Cut Sauna Can Better your Health Routine

With all that’s going on in the world today, it’s more important than ever to take care of your health. For centuries, saunas have been one of the greatest assets for healthy living. But did you know that you don’t have to have any old run-of-the-mill online sauna design? With a custom-cut sauna from Coleman [...]

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Exciting Changes Coming Soon…

This photo was taken in the early 80’s of the Garden Rooms by Coleman® set up at Tarrant County Convention Center for the Spring Home & Garden Show.  Those are HotSpring® Spas in the foreground, not kidding!  NBC 5’s morning show with Bobbie Wygant filmed her show that day in that very Coleman Garden Room [...]

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Deciding Between a Hot Tub & a Swim Spa

You’ve been researching for awhile now and you just can’t decide. You know you want one, but the other also looks amazing. So how DO you decide between a hot tub and a swim spa? Let’s explore the benefits of both to help you narrow it down to your favorite. Hip-hip-hurray for Hot Tubs! A [...]

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Swim Spas: The Multipurpose Choice Among Hot Tubs

When you’re looking for the recreational and fitness amenities of a swimming pool PLUS the incredible relaxation and hydrotherapy opportunities that a hot tub provides, there’s nothing in the world more versatile than an Endless Pools® swim spa. Today, let’s explore how these aquatic masterpieces are the multipurpose choice among hot tubs. Your Year-Round Retreat [...]

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What is the Perfect Temperature for Your Hot Tub?

  Right now, you are dreaming of a day when you can set aside all the stress, take a little break, and slip in for a long, long soak in your hot tub. But sometimes when you are a new hot tub user, you might have a little trouble finding just the right setting that [...]

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COVID-19 and the Hot Tub Industry: Our Honest Take on What’s Ahead

Clearly, the coronavirus isn’t a good thing. Its impact on our health, our daily lives, not to mention the world economy has changed forever. There will be a new normal! Over the past few weeks, many fellow hot tub and swimming pool dealers around the country have asked us what this virus may mean for [...]

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How Hot Tubs Improve Your Workout Sessions

If you are wondering if a soothing dip in your steamy hot tub can improve your workout sessions, you're right on track! Hot tubs are fantastic assets in many areas of life, including helping you meet your fitness goals. So, what are the benefits, you ask? Here’s a couple of ways hot tubs improve your [...]

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