Community First at Coleman Backyards

At Coleman Backyards, we understand that COVID-19 is a very serious virus and we are implementing recommended preventative actions as put forth by state and local authorities along with the Centers for Disease Control. The safety of our customers and our employees is a top priority.  The Department of Public Health is getting questions about [...]

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The 3 Elements of the Perfect Hot Tub Date Night

There’s something that happens when kids come into the family picture. Although they are the greatest blessing in your life, the division of time and attention can take a toll on even the strongest marriage. That’s why date night is so important! According to, “couples who [have] date nights once a month [have] the [...]

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3 Exciting Ways to Get Fit Without That Expensive Gym Membership

The new year is over and fading into the distance. Don’t let that slow fade happen with your fitness goals! If you are already experiencing regret over a gym membership that wasn’t the best choice for your lifestyle, don't worry. It’s time for another option. Come with us as we explore three exciting ways to [...]

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Can Your Hot Tub Move With You?

You are over the moon excited! Your offer is accepted on a new home. You’re ready to pull out the bubble wrap, grab those brown boxes and start packing up your belongings. But wait a second … What about your most prized possession? Can your hot tub move with you? Absolutely! Let’s explore your options. [...]

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The BEST Ways to Meet & Get to Know Your New Neighbors

An ear-piercing “sqeeeeaakkkk” shatters your peaceful afternoon. You peel back the blinds and peek out the window just in time to catch a glimpse of the moving truck bearing right into the driveway next door. New neighbors! Ahhh… You remember what it was like the day you moved in and how friendly your neighbors were [...]

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Why Can’t I Use Regular Salt in My Saltwater Spa?

  Oohhhh…There’s nothing like slipping into the soothing luxury of a saltwater spa. Your stress melts away, your muscles relax, and aches and pains fade into the distance like the quiet of the sunset. There’s no place you love better than your backyard retreat. And you’ve been using your spa solitude to do some thinking. [...]

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How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub with Your Pets

  It's absolutely hysterical! From black bears to domestic pets, we all crack up at the funny videos that show the animals we love enjoying some leisurely hot tub time. Splashing, playing, relaxing and having fun are all prime reasons for getting a hot tub, right? But should you enjoy a hot tub with your [...]

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Insomniacs, Listen Up! A Hot Tub Might Help You Get to Sleep

Tossing. Turning. Laboring over sweet shut-eye. There’s nothing more frustrating than the inability to get the restful sleep that you need. But, insomniacs, listen up! We got something up our sleeve that just might help you get those Zzzzz’s. What Causes Sleep Problems? While there are a million different reasons people lose precious sleep, a [...]

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3 Ways Hot Tubs Make You a Healthier Person

There's nothing like a good, long soak in your hot tub. You love the benefit that it brings each day. But did you know that hot tubs actually make you a healthier person? It's true! Hot tubs are a wonderful spot at home where you can rest, connect with those you love, and have a [...]

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Do More Jets Mean a Better Spa?

You are in search of the greatest spa on earth. You’ve planned your backyard retreat and budgeted for the perfect amenities. Now you are finalizing your decision on hot tub seating and size and power. But, do more jet mean a better spa experience? It must be, right? Au contraire, friend. In fact, more jets [...]

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