Plan a Fun (and Safe!) Backyard Party for Kids

There’s nothing more fun for your kids than an over-the-top party where all of their friends are invited. When you are in the mood for the ultimate in backyard fun, try your hand at these incredible party ideas. You can plan a fun (and safe!) backyard party that will transform your child into the cool [...]

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How to Design Your Own Backyard Oasis

Everyone needs a private retreat – a place to escape with your family, renew relationships, and relax in the beauty of nature. But did you know that you can also have an exciting outdoor space for exercise and recreation? It’s true! So, how exactly do you design your own backyard oasis? Coleman Backyards has all [...]

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Can You Use a Sauna During Summer in Texas?

With any incredible purchase, it’s great to know that you are going to get all the bang for your buck that you desire. You’ve been considering a sauna for a while now, but can you use a sauna during summer in Texas? Absolutely! In fact, we highly encourage it. Here are a few reasons why. [...]

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Fitness at its Finest: Get an Endless Pools® Fitness System, Plus Accessory Upgrades!

Sleek. Stylish. Incredibly functional and effective. When you are looking for the finest in at-home fitness, look no farther than an Endless Pools® Fitness SystemTM from Coleman Backyards. Our customers have diverse backgrounds and diverse needs. That’s why we offer the best Endless Pools models for every person, at every age and ability. Whether you [...]

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Fire Safety Tips for Your 4th of July BBQ

Family. Friends. Food. Fun. There’s nothing better than a day of backyard barbecuing and explosive light-up fun! Gather all the people you love, relax in the backyard or by the lake, and grill up your favorite BBQ foods. Then, finish out the day watching those gorgeous displays of firework-splendor above. But don’t forget to plan [...]

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Is It True That You Should Wait 30 Minutes After Eating to Swim?

Do you remember the sensational days of summer as a kid? Playing outside all morning, coming in the house to grab a sandwich, chips, and Kool-Aid, and then heading to the neighborhood pool with your friends. Nothing in the world would put a damper on your summer afternoon joy more than hearing your mother call [...]

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Sauna Culture Around the World

In the middle of the summer heatwave, even more heat may not seem like the most attractive way to pass the time. But don’t discount one powerful ally in your quest for summer health and wellness. An in-home sauna is your one-way ticket on the train to the healthiest summer you’ve ever experienced. Let’s take [...]

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It’s Still Not Too Late to Meet Your 2020 Fitness Goals

When New Year’s rolled around you just knew that THIS was going to be your year. It was going to be a year of health, fitness, and all things wellness. And then, quicker than a wink, all those plans were derailed — taking all of your dreams and fitness goals barreling off the tracks in the [...]

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3 Swim Spa Exercises for the Complete Novice

Aesthetically stunning and technologically advanced, swim spas are one of the most amazing amenities for hydrotherapy, recreation, and relaxation. But that’s not all they’re good for! A swim spa is also your own personal, private, and fully-customizable spot for the best in aquatic fitness. Athletes around the globe have embraced the outstanding workout opportunities that [...]

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