Deciding Between a Hot Tub & a Swim Spa

You’ve been researching for awhile now and you just can’t decide. You know you want one, but the other also looks amazing. So how DO you decide between a hot tub and a swim spa? Let’s explore the benefits of both to help you narrow it down to your favorite. Hip-hip-hurray for Hot Tubs! A [...]

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Swim Spas: The Multipurpose Choice Among Hot Tubs

When you’re looking for the recreational and fitness amenities of a swimming pool PLUS the incredible relaxation and hydrotherapy opportunities that a hot tub provides, there’s nothing in the world more versatile than an Endless Pools® swim spa. Today, let’s explore how these aquatic masterpieces are the multipurpose choice among hot tubs. Your Year-Round Retreat [...]

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What is the Perfect Temperature for Your Hot Tub?

  Right now, you are dreaming of a day when you can set aside all the stress, take a little break, and slip in for a long, long soak in your hot tub. But sometimes when you are a new hot tub user, you might have a little trouble finding just the right setting that [...]

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COVID-19 and the Hot Tub Industry: Our Honest Take on What’s Ahead

Clearly, the coronavirus isn’t a good thing. Its impact on our health, our daily lives, not to mention the world economy has changed forever. There will be a new normal! Over the past few weeks, many fellow hot tub and swimming pool dealers around the country have asked us what this virus may mean for [...]

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How Hot Tubs Improve Your Workout Sessions

If you are wondering if a soothing dip in your steamy hot tub can improve your workout sessions, you're right on track! Hot tubs are fantastic assets in many areas of life, including helping you meet your fitness goals. So, what are the benefits, you ask? Here’s a couple of ways hot tubs improve your [...]

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4 Tips & Tricks to Sleep Better Every Night

Tossing. Turning. Staring into the dark while you rack your mind for answers in the midnight hour. Sleep is elusive and you are soooooo tired of it. You, my friend, are not alone. Incredibly, one out of every three people has a terrible time sleeping at night. How can this be, you ask? And is [...]

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Can a Hot Tub Overheat?

You’ve loved the cooler days of winter spent relaxing in your serene backyard spa. The days are getting brighter, the birds are singing, and the warm rays of sunshine are beckoning you into spring. There’s only one problem. You’ve noticed that your hot tub is getting hotter than normal. Can a hot tub overheat? Is [...]

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Community First at Coleman Backyards

At Coleman Backyards, we understand that COVID-19 is a very serious virus and we are implementing recommended preventative actions as put forth by state and local authorities along with the Centers for Disease Control. The safety of our customers and our employees is a top priority.  The Department of Public Health is getting questions about [...]

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The 3 Elements of the Perfect Hot Tub Date Night

There’s something that happens when kids come into the family picture. Although they are the greatest blessing in your life, the division of time and attention can take a toll on even the strongest marriage. That’s why date night is so important! According to, “couples who [have] date nights once a month [have] the [...]

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3 Exciting Ways to Get Fit Without That Expensive Gym Membership

The new year is over and fading into the distance. Don’t let that slow fade happen with your fitness goals! If you are already experiencing regret over a gym membership that wasn’t the best choice for your lifestyle, don't worry. It’s time for another option. Come with us as we explore three exciting ways to [...]

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