You are over the moon excited! Your offer is accepted on a new home. You’re ready to pull out the bubble wrap, grab those brown boxes and start packing up your belongings. But wait a second … What about your most prized possession? Can your hot tub move with you? Absolutely! Let’s explore your options.

Maximize Your Muscles

There are some people who are natural-born DIYers. If this is you, please know that it IS possible to move your hot tub with the help of some friends. First, schedule a rental or moving truck. You will need plenty of space to load and transport your hot tub. Then follow these easy steps to bring your hot tub to its new home:

  • Drain your spa water and disconnect the electricity.
  • Disassemble your hot tub cover and pack it for separate transport to avoid damage. Then pack any pumps, heaters, and accessories separately, and load them onto the truck.
  • When your spa is drained, disconnected, and ready to be loaded, gather your helpers and the necessary equipment. You will need your rental truck with a  loading ramp ready and waiting. You will also need moving blankets, furniture straps, a couple of 4x4s and moving dollies.
  • Next, tip your hot tub on its side. Place a 4×4 under one end by rolling it carefully to one corner. Repeat with the other corner.
  • When your two 4x4s are in position, roll your moving dollies into place. Cover your hot tub in moving blankets and strap the hot tub to the dollies.
  • Finally, roll your hot tub up the loading ramp and into the truck. During this step, you will need all hands on deck to make sure the hot tub does not tilt during loading.

Once your hot tub is safely loaded, you can transport it to your new home. Then, reverse the process to place it safely in its new location.

If that’s more than you bargained for, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call for help.

Move on Over & Call the Pros

When you have something of great value, you should never be ashamed to call in reinforcements. Professionals are on call to help you move those enormous items like hot tubs that you just cannot leave behind. Call around to several moving companies before you settle on your final option. Ask questions like:

  • “How many hot tubs have you moved?”
  • “Are you trained and equipped for moving hot tubs?”
  • “Are you and your employees licensed and insured?”
  • “What is the moving process for my hot tub?”
  • “What is the cost of moving my hot tub and are there any hidden fees or mileage charges?”

You can expect that moving your hot tub will cost around $300-$400. This can be more or less, depending on the size of your spa and the location that it will be transported to.

When a long-range move prohibits you from bringing your hot tub with you, you don’t have to be crushed. Look on the bright side. You’ll bless the new owners of your old home by leaving it behind. Plus, you’ll be able to get the newest upgraded model on the market. This year’s new models at Coleman Backyards are incredible. We have the perfect sparkling, technologically-advanced hot tub for you. Contact us today for a free quote, or come in to one of our three convenient locations. We’d be so pleased to meet you, new neighbor, and welcome you to the area!