Discover Covana: automated solutions to cover your spa or swim spa

Completely automated, Covana products are raised and lowered with a safety key switch, saving you the trouble of lifting your spa or swim spa cover manually. In addition to easy operation, Covana solutions protect against harsh weather and UV rays. Optional retractable screens can also offer peace and privacy.

Furthermore, the insulating value of Covana is higher than a standard cover as its airtight closure system completely seals the spa, keeping heat and energy in, resulting in savings on water and maintenance products.

Covana products are modern, elegant, and designed to provide years of worry-free protection and performance. Less effort, greater comfort: that’s the Covana promise.

Covana-Automated Cover 1
Covana-Automated Cover 2
Covana-Automated Cover 3
Covana-Automated Cover Evening Shade
Maison Blanche Covana-Automated Cover