You are in search of the greatest spa on earth. You’ve planned your backyard retreat and budgeted for the perfect amenities. Now you are finalizing your decision on hot tub seating and size and power. But, do more jet mean a better spa experience? It must be, right? Au contraire, friend. In fact, more jets can completely undermine all of the hard work you’ve put into the perfect spa search. Here’s how too many jets can potentially ruin your beautiful backyard oasis experience.

The Perils of Popular Sales

You may have found some exciting deals on the internet or in a Big Box store that really seem too good to be true. That’s probably because they are! Avoid the perils of popular online and Big Box store sales. When on your quest for the ideal hot tub, here are a few things to avoid and what to look for instead.

What to Avoid: Don’t be fooled into thinking that more jets mean better hydrotherapy. Too many jets can cause your hot tub’s pumps to underperform by losing pressure unnecessarily. A quality spa will feature the perfect blend of form and function. Hot tubs that are well designed feature an excellent hydrotherapy experience — one that targets your entire body.

What to Look For: When searching for a hot tub, look for a spa that doesn’t have a ton of the same jets in each seat. A quality spa will have different jet sizes and effects from seat to seat. From a relaxing lounge with strategic back massage to ergonomically correct seats, a quality spa will be a delight for your entire body. Hot Spring® Spas has sold over one-million hot tubs worldwide. Known as the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®, Hot Spring offers a powerful combination of hot water and massage to get you the perfect hot tub experience you are looking for.

So, leave the Big Box store hot tub on the shelf. There are a million reasons to get the right spa for you. That’s why Coleman Backyards offers the very best in quality hot tubs for you and your family. Call us today to schedule your FREE test soak. You’ll be able to experience your quality spa options first-hand before you make your final decision. Enhance your life and health. Now is a great time to get the ideal spa you’ve been searching for.