Post Work-Out Benefits – HydroMassage

If you are very athletic or have a exercise routine that’s less rigorous, the rewards of a good hydromassage are more than just stress relief. Soaking in a hot tub eases muscle pain, fatigue, stiffness and soreness due to sports activities and exercising. The elimination of lactic acids and other toxins that build up during physical activity is sped up by immersion in a hot tub, which helps replace hot tub exercisethose toxins with oxygen and the body’s natural nutrients. The body’s natural healing process is also accelerated by increased circulation and blood flow caused by a raise in body temperature. A hot tub can lead to faster recovery between work outs by stimulating the body’s natural processes and easing pain.

After a work out it is important to relax muscles. A spa achieves that relaxation while also stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. A hot tub is an ideal environment for stretching which can help stimulate production or retention of lubricants between connective tissue fibers. It also helps increase flexibility and range of motion, which can help prevent exercise-related injuries. Using a hot tubs jet system, all of your body’s major muscle groups receive a completely satisfying massage as you move from seat to seat in your hot tub. There’s no better way to end a work out.