Come Home… Relax… Melt Your Stress Away.

A natural therapy used by hospitals, physical therapists and health resorts around the world, spending time in a hot tub is a popular and proven stress relief technique. Easing into a warm spa after a strenuous day feels incredibly relaxing. The warmth just seems to take it all away, naturally. The soothing effect achieved by hydromassage is now supported by science. The book Hot Water & Healthy Living by J. B. Smith, Ed.D, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, maintains that the parasympathetic branch of our body’s system increases hormones that cause the body to relax after stress has passed. Evidence shows warm water immersion seems to reduce the hormones that have been associated with stress.

According to Jack Raglin, Ph.D., Indiana University, Indiana, taking time to relax in warm water may also, decrease anxiety by separating us from the sources of our stress. After soaking in a hot tub, many people report an energizing effect that can last about four hours. Bruce Becker, M.D., Washington State University, in his latest research reported at the fifth World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC), October 2008, states “We found that, with 25 minutes of soaking in a 102F degree hot tub, the autonomic nervous system alters during warm water immersion, producing changes that are parallel to those seen during relaxation and accompanying a reduction in anxiety.” He suggests that with the relaxation, warm water immersion may well have a positive effect on performance of cognitive tasks, including problem solving, and on working memory.