Finnleo® Custom Cut Traditional Saunas

Bring out your inner designer.

Finnleo® Custom-Cut traditional saunas let you design your own sauna inside and out. It will fit perfectly into your home, whether new construction or remodel. Need help with design? Send us measurements and photos of the space you want to build out and we will provide CAD drawings and a quote good for 30 days.  We can work from your new home plans as well.

New Construction – Place the sauna near the master bath, with at least 4 x 4 feet of space – 5 x 7 or 6 x 6 is more comfortable for a couple or family.

Existing home – You can put the sauna in a closet, a corner, a spare room, a basement, or even outside in a shed or by itself. Be sure to have plumbing close enough for water, and consider adding a shower or steam shower nearby.

Unlimited options – Create exactly what you want with unusual angles, glass windows and doors, and other personalized features. You can arrange the interior to your liking such as bench heights designed for users who are tall or short, unique bench configurations, even lighting and wood style. You can even put a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna in the same room.

Design help – Our experts can provide recommendations and CAD drawings to make sure everything is a perfect fit. You supply the inside dimensions of the framed walls, the door location, and your preferred bench configuration.

Special delivery – Your sauna comes with the walls and ceilings pre-cut and the benches and door pre-built to your specifications – ready for assembly and installation.

Handcrafted excellence – Finnleo® Custom-Cut Saunas come with walls and ceilings of highest-quality Nordic Whitewoods.  Benches, backrests, headrests, duckboards, and heater guard of Abachi, a light, clear African wood that won’t stain and stays cool to the touch even in sauna heat. You’ll have the quality of the finest European facilities right in your own home.

Get Pricing

Built to your exact framed dimensions – no extra charge

Interior walls and ceiling cut-to-length and ready for assembly on your framed walls.

All interior trim cut to order

A genuine Finnleo® heater, rocks and heater guard

Pre-assembled benches, headrests and backrests

Abachi benches, backrests, headrests, heater guard and duck boards. Widest standard bench widths in the industry (24″ wide for sauna depths 5′ or more).

Pre-hung all-glass door

Room light, duckboard flooring, thermometer, and foil vapor barrier

Stainless Steel or Copper bucket, ladle, and all hardware

Nordic White Spruce

Clear Western Red Cedar

Canadian Hemlock with Abachi

All-Glass bronze tinted door, 24″ x 80″

All-Glass birch-leaf etched door, 24″ x 72″

All-Glass satin door, 24″ x 72″

All glass bronze tint door, 24″ x 72″

Clear Pine door with glass window, 24″ x 80″

Clear Pine door with glass window, 23 1/4″ x 69 1/4″

Entertainment center with DVD and TV

Deluxe “Sunburst” interior for all saunas 5’ or larger

Heater upgrades

Finnleo® Custom Cut Sauna Site Preparation: All materials, components and work shall conform to all applicable local, state and federal building safety codes, ordinances and regulations.

Work to be done by you or your contractor not included in sauna price:

Finish exterior of walls.

Sub-floor and or foundation work, your sauna floor can be concrete, tile, linoleum or any other surface that does not absorb water. Do not use carpet.

Electrical: All electrical work from supply, including connections to heater, control and lights.

Installation of stud walls (or furring strips) and ceiling joist.

Fiberglass Insulation in walls and ceiling.