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With FROG Mineral Systems®, taking care of your pool water has never been easier.  Minerals help control bacteria and keep the pH neutral so you can reduce chlorine use by up to 50%*.  With minerals you can reduce the irritation associated with chlorine such as, red stinging eyes, dry itchy skin and faded swimsuits while enjoying crystal clear, soft water for greater swimming enjoyment.

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POOL FROG® for In Ground PoolsPOOL FROG® for In Ground Pools

The complete system utilizes the POOL FROG® Cycler with a precise metering dial, a Mineral Reservoir and a pre-filled Chlorine Bac Pac. Available for In Ground pools of up to 40,000 gallons.  The Mineral Reservoir will last 6 months, and the Chlorine Bac Pacs last 1-2 weeks depending on weather and bather load. Off-line mode also available.


FROG BAM 90-Day Algae PreventativeFROG BAM 90-Day Algae Preventative

Take advantage of the FROG® ALGAE PROTECTION GUARANTEE when using FROG® BAM Algae Preventative with either the In Ground or Above Ground POOL FROG® or XL PRO. It’s easy to dispense and remarkably effective for a full 90 days!



INSTANT FROG - For existing In Ground pools up to 25,000 gallons that do not have room for a POOL FROG® installation.INSTANT FROG

For existing In Ground pools up to 25,000 gallons that do not have room for a POOL FROG® installation.  This mineral product simply sits in the skimmer basket and requires at least a 0.5 ppm chlorine supplement through an existing floater or chlorinator.