Testimonial 13
June 13, 2017
5 years ago I was a “rookie” hot tub owner. I visited my local Coleman Bright Ideas dealer and listened to the salesman explain Hot Springs various products. I was still not sure if the name “Hot Springs” should make that much difference on the price. After all, I found other tubs for hundreds less. I was wrong.
The name did make a difference and the money was well worth it. I probably use my tub 300+ days a year and spend about 10 min. a week on maintenance. I change my water about twice a year and clean my filters good about once every three weeks. I’m a customer for life of both Hot Springs and my local Coleman Bright Ideas dealer. I tell others about my Hot Springs tub. Several has purchased elsewhere only to tell me that they made a mistake. Their service is excellent and they even deliver! Thanks guys!