Testimonial 14
June 13, 2017

My Hot Springs hot tub had been running non stop for 5 years. One day the water was not heating. I called the Coleman Bright Ideas service dept. Instead of just sending out a repairman, he asked if I had basic electrical knowledge and a voltmeter.

He told me the suspect part to test and, yes, it was a bad circuit board. They had the board in stock but I couldn’t get there to get it. The service tech said “I’ll be in your area tomorrow, want me to just bring it to you?” Coleman went out of their way to save me diagnostic charges then personally delivered the new part! This is above and beyond customer service.

I then needed a new cover. They special ordered it at a very reasonable cost. It showed up sooner than expected. They installed it and took the old one away while I was on vacation! Also, both the new circuit board and cover were improved, meaning they dont rest on their laurels. Owning a Hot Springs Spa has been a great experience on all levels. There are Hot Springs Spas, then all others.