Everyone loves the soothing action of an exceptional hot tub. Whether at home or on vacation, there is just something incredible about relaxing in warm, bubbly water. The hydromassage eases aches and pains, the warm water loosens stiff joints, and the secluded peace and quiet put your mind at rest. But how exactly does a hot tub work? Today, we’ll explore the basic anatomy of a hot tub.

Hot Tub Composition

How is a hot tub built, you ask? With extreme precision and care. There are multiple parts of the spa that make it the place you want to return to over and over again. Here’s what you can expect from your hot tub anatomy:

Shell and Cabinet

The exterior and interior of your hot tub set the stage for your hydrotherapy experience. With a selection of color combinations available, you can choose the perfect spa for you. LED lighting options on the inside and outside of your spa can also add to the appeal. Not only will your spa look stunning in your backyard space, but it is also built to last the test of time.

Size and Seating

The size and seating of your hot tub are carefully constructed to fit your needs. It’s easier than ever to choose the right size for you. Consider the romantic, made-for-two TX™ Hot Spring® hot tub. With a small footprint, you can fit it just about anywhere. Do you need enough space for a crowd? The expansive Grandee® hot tub is the perfect spa for form and function. Comfortably seat a party of seven, with room for everyone to enjoy state-of-the-art jets, a two-speed jet pump, and two seats with patented Moto-Massage® DX jets. With 43 jets, the perfect hydrotherapy experience awaits each and every guest.

Internal Parts, Heater and Pump

There’s a whole inner-working in operation under your spa cabinet and shell. From high-grade insulation to keep the heat inside your spa to a strong pump and heater, the internal components are a large factor to consider in your hot tub purchase. Wet test the spa you have your eye on before you buy. Make sure the pump is able to maintain the strength you need for the hydromassage experience you desire. A quality heater will also maintain your spa’s temperature and add to energy efficiency and cost savings. Also, an excellent filtration system will make spa maintenance a breeze.

Jets and Hydrotherapy

The crown jewels of your spa are the dazzling jets. Your spa jets offer the hydrotherapy you need to massage each part of your body. When positioned properly, a spa will offer a whole-body experience. One thing to avoid is jets set in the same place in every seat. A quality spa will have jets positioned differently in almost every seat. When you move along the circuit seating, you will have a new massage experience in each seat.

Control Panel

With a Hot Spring hot tub, the gorgeous touch screen panel is not only user-friendly, but it’s also beautifully appealing. Before your spa leaves the factory, the control panel is loaded with the latest software updates—ensuring you have the most technologically advanced spa on the market.


Sometimes, a beautiful spa isn’t enough. All the bells and whistles must be included! From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth capabilities, waterproof speakers, and in-spa television, there’s no end to the ways that your spa can be used. Combined with the beauty of LED lighting and soothing water features, your hot tub will be your favorite spot to come home to.


Although you might think the cover is a minor player in the anatomy of your hot tub, it’s actually a major component. A quality cover will protect the inside of your spa from damage. It also contains insulation which is used to trap in the steamy heat you love. Your spa will be hot and ready to use anytime you want it. Plus, with a well-insulated cover, your operational costs will make your wallet happy.

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